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25-Jan-2020 08:53

It was so much fun being able to create our own world where we could be whoever we wanted to be and do whatever we wanted to do.Today, there are a ton of other simulator games besides The Sims, especially in terms of dating.Wendy Go to Trixie`s farm Scare her horses (click near barn) Say she looks great Ask when parents are coming back Gently massage her calf (click on her left leg, to your right) Say it`s super hot today - receive a quest to bring her ice cream Trixie`s barn Click on black rope that`s near the middle of the screen Back to map Go to gas station Ask about her new job Ask her about her relationship with Terence BAD: Tell her that she looks amazing in black - Achievement "Like a dumbass trucker", lose points with her Help with the pump - receive quest to bring her weed If you want to get with Trixie, buy ice cream.Go to map Terence`s house Ask him about week for Wendy Back to map Gas station Pass her a joint Kiss her from behind (click around her head) Ask her if she could take a break Ask if she is available or not Ask what she does after work - Achievement "BDSM fantasies" Ask her about Trixie - Achievement "Secret romance" Tie Wendy to the bar on the ceiling (click on rope) Take a photo of her If you want to get with Trixie, untie her and move to Trixie`s section Try to tease her Try to put your hand under her panties (click around crotch area) Raise her skirt a little (click on skirt) Grab her boobs Take another picture of her (click near face) Remove her top and untie her (click near boobs) If you want to get with Sharon, refuse and move to Sharon`s section (Achievement: It isn`t my thing). Achievement "Extra Thrills" Trixie Trixie`s farm Click on ice cream Ask her if she wants to get naughty Touch her boobs Talk about Wendy Click on the photo of a topless Wendy (when did you take her shirt off?Go to Terence`s house Tell him that Wendy got a surprise for him Enter Ask her if you`re not interrupting Say that she looks amazing Gently caress her arm Give her a bottle of wine (click on wine) Try to flirt with her Kiss her (click on head) Keep her in your arms and kiss her more passionately Compliment her beautiful smile Ask her to play with her boobs for you (click on boobs) Play with her pussy Move closer and start to lick her. If there`s an ending where Aaaron could score with all the ladies at the same time, I`ve not been able to find it out.Achievement: Servicing the princess Caress her calves (click on her right leg, the higher one) Ask her to turn around (click around her left shoulder, to your right) Touch her ass Release thong from her sexy ass Ask her to finger herself Ask her to suck her finger You can continue from here. I`m stuck :/ I told Terrence there`s a surprise waiting for him, then went back to Trixie got her to strip and stuff. Thats One My Favorite It has engaging storyline and good graphics. Tho, so far found just the way to go full with the girl at the pump ha-ha.

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Also, I`ll keep saying it until it is done: PLEASE GIVE US MORE KELLY.Now it says he wants to chill for a couple of days... I thought it could be better if the endings were part of a complete sequence in a whole story line, rather than separate individual endings.It doesn`t take me back to the farm or gas station or inside the house. This is a great game I finished it with every ending. t make or break a game, I feel that it is important. But overall I liked the game a lot and hope there will be a sequel with the characters. t matter order of this Say she looks great Ask when parents are coming back Say it??Achievements: Like a dumbass trucker: While Wendy is in the gas station, click the: "Tell her that she looks amazing in black" dialogue BDSM fantasies: Get Wendy to have a break, when you`re at the secret place with her, click the "What do you do after work?

My best friend got the original Sims game when it came out in 2000, and I remember staying up late with her playing it for i really liked the different scenarios on that one i will be nailing that emo chick from behind almost as often as his mom not sure which my favorite one is but im leaning toward the mom and the taboo nature of it... Walkthrough Actions in italics only matter for your score with the girl, so you don`t have to do them if you don`t need to.