Pooja bedi dating

02-Jun-2020 06:37

When one talks about controversial stars in Indian film industry, Pooja Bedi’s name tops the charts.The lady however has always lived her life on her own terms, and has never let these terms be defined by anyone.She became a stage and television actor, only to eventually start her own charitable organisation.

Pooja Bedi was born on 11th May 1970 as the daughter of the popular actor Kabir Bedi and the late Indian dancer Protima Bedi.It is not the end of the story though, and she was thereafter spotted dating a United Nations official named Dwiti Vikramaditya.Her last recorded fling was with her Bigg Boss fellow contestant Akashdeep Saigal. That’s quite a love life but why didn’t all those relationships last long?The woman is turning 46 years old this year but as always, age is just a number for her with skin, hair and figure all in place.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that like wine, Pooja is growing graceful and finer with age.

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