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23-Apr-2020 18:03

There are instances where an employer may need to determine an applicant's age.The interviewer can ask a young interviewee if he has appropriate working papers.

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Opinion 1.1.2 “Prospective Patients” defines circumstances in which a physician may ethically decline to accept specific patients before a patient-physician relationship has been established.The AMA is bound by due process in all matters related to complaints and generally does not have the legal authority or possesses the proper resources to investigate individual cases.Grievances against a medical professional who you believe is acting unethically or not providing a certain standard of care should be directed to your state medical licensing board.It may be uncomfortable to do, but you need to be comfortable working at the company.

If the questions you are being asked during the interview are indicative of the company's policies, you may be better off finding out now.Employers should not ask about any of the following unless it specifically relates to the job requirements because to not hire a candidate because of any one of them is discriminatory: Job requirements based on an employee’s gender, national origin, religion, or age can be used in very limited circumstances.

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