Remove active directory from this computer without updating forest metadata

29-Apr-2020 19:51

remove active directory from this computer without updating forest metadata-13

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Instead, you must manually update the forest metadata after you remove the DC.

The attempt to remove the FRS settings on CN=COHO-CHI-ADC01, CN=Servers, CN=Chicago, CN=Sites, CN=Configuration, DC=cohovines, DC=com failed because "Element not found."; metadata cleanup is continuing.

Follow these steps to clean up the directory from a failed domain controller: 1. Remove all DNS records ( from DNS, including all domain controller records, GC server records and PDC records. Open Active Directory Sites and Services; expand Default-First-Site-Name, Servers, Right Click on KTM-DC01-2K8, Click Delete. On Active Directory Domain Services dialog box, Click Yes. Close the Active Directory Sites and Services Console.

Open a command prompt, type ntdsutil and press Enter. At the Ntdsutil prompt, type metadata cleanup and press Enter. At the Metadata Cleanup prompt type connections and press Enter. At the Server Connections prompt, type connect to server KTM-DC02-2K8 (where KTM-DC02-2K8 is the name of an available domain controller which holds Operations Masters Roles) (If you have not logged on using an account that is a member of the Enterprise Admins group, you can set your credentials at this point by typing set creds domainname username password and then press Enter) 5. Summary: Metadata Cleanup process is very important whenever the Domain Controller is non-functional for business continuity.

If you’re running Windows Server 2003 or you would rather do a metadata cleanup using the command line, the NTDSUtil command line utility is what you’ll need.

remove active directory from this computer without updating forest metadata-11

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Transferring / Seizing FSMO roles off the selected server. Searching for FRS members under "CN=COHO-CHI-ADC01, OU=Domain Controllers, DC=cohovines, DC=com".

Sometimes we have problem with broken Domain Controller(s) within our environment.