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Concert audiences for the first few years averaged more than 4,000 per performance.

Attendance for the first season was slightly more than 55,000 and increased dramatically in the second season to over 100,000.

The concerts were a success and fueled efforts to develop the promising ensemble.

A task vital to the new orchestra’s success was the selection of a music director.

Between 19, there were other efforts to start and grow an orchestra, including another Kansas City Symphony led by Busch.

In 1908, the Symphony only played three concerts, but by 1911, Busch’s vision was finally realized and the 56-member Kansas City Symphony played one concert a month for seven months each season until 1918.

Around the same time, Danish-born conductor Sir Carl Busch led the Philharmonic Orchestra of Kansas City, which existed for a brief period between 18.

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The program included Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony, the Scherzo from Mendelssohn’s editorial page stated that, “the most impressive feature, with the possible exception of the performance itself, was the amazed delight of the audience and the spontaneous wholeheartedness with which it expressed its delight.

Thirty-nine year old Karl Krueger, a European trained native of Atchison, Kansas, was called upon to lead the upstart orchestra.

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