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Separated from his comrades during a paratroop attack and struck deaf by German artillery, Florya, in the company of peasant girl, Glascha, wanders through the battle-scorched Russian forests and man-made slaughter. "Post-Stalinist cinema and the myth of World War II: Tarkovskii's "Ivan's Childhood"(1962) and Klimov's "Come and See"(1985)" Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television, 1994, Vol. Young Florya willing joins the Partisans fighting the Nazis in Byelorussia, USSR during World War II.Her personal evolution is interwoven with archival footage and propaganda films tracing the death throes of the Soviet Empire from the last years of the Brezhnev regime through Gorbachev's perestroika reforms to the first steps toward democracy under Boris Yeltsin. Anna Karenina is the young wife of an aging Russian aristocrat. By following her desires Anna complicates her life, falls into a depression and ends it in a suicide under a train. There she falls in love with a Soviet engineer, but her manager blackmails her with her dark spot in her life, she has a black baby. Intending to buy a TV and condoms because he already has 2 children (the limit set by the Chinese governement), Gombo is on his way to becoming a modern man. Among the many criminals freed from the Soviet gulags in 1953 are two political prisoners, the middle-aged Kopalych and the young Luzga. But the wicked fairy's curse is circumvented by a good fairy who puts a donkey's hide on the princess, so she will not be recognised and also gives the princess a magic ring capable of making its wearer change his or her appearance. Only then does he discover that the goal of his voyage was to bask in the power of St. Contents: Maria: Made in memory of Russian peasant Maria Semionovna Voinova, a woman who grew flax, and after her death, her secrets and methods of working the fields were lost. A young Russian soldier is given a six-day leave as a reward for an act of bravery in battle. What he didn't know is that this was a signal for a gang of smugglers (a real smuggler - Gena - was also on board the same ship). After he returns home, the gangsters are trying to get their stuff back, while the police try to catch them using Gorbunkov and his arm. He goes to live with his brother, a gangster, in the free-wheeling city of Leningrad and is soon immersed in the city's organized crime scene. They are surprised by the arrival of the charming Mitia, who exploits his status as an old family friend to carry out a dark mission. Documentary-like program about the lonely and isolated lives of the captain and sailors stationed aboard a Russian battleship in the Barents Sea.Disc 1: 1981 -- Disc 2: 1982 -- Disc 3: 1983 -- Disc 4: 1984 -- Disc 5: 1985 -- Disc 6: 1986 -- Disc 7: 1987 -- Disc 8: 1988. Cast: Lev Sverdlin, Stepan Shkurat, Mikhail Troyanovsky, Piotr Masokha, Leonid Kmit. Cast: Grigore Grigoriu, Svetlana Toma, Ion Sandri Shkurya, Pavel Andreichenko, Sergiu Finiti, Borislav Brondukov, Lialya Chornaya, Nelli Volshaninova, Vsevolod Gavrilov, Barasbi Mulayev, Mikhail Shishkov, Nikolai Volshaninov, Vassily Simich, Yelena Sadovskaya. A Russian production of Hamlet with music by Dmitri Shostakovich. A Cuban propaganda film first exhibited outside of Cuba and the Soviet Union in 1992.A drama about the welcome, by some Ukrainians, of the German army into Ukraine in 1918, and resistance of the invaders by other Ukrainians. This colorful, music-filled and sensual melodrama based on early stories by Maxim Gorky tells the fatal love story between the beautiful and rebellious girl Rada and the handsome horse thief Zobar. In this Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet, a prince of medieval-era Denmark, senses treachery behind his royal father's death. Cast: Julia Vysotsky, Sultan Islamov, Stanislav Varkki, Elena Fomina, Marina Politseimaki, Bryan Adams, Eugeni Mironov. One of a series of "Japanese" videos by Alexander Sokurov. Cast: Vladimir Zamanskii, Armen Dzhigarkhanian, Oleg Vasilkov, Roman Grekov. The film, an anthology of pre-revolutionary folk tales, is divided into four parts, each presenting fictional events which led to the success of the revolution under Fidel Castro.

Consigned to a makeshift jury room, one by one each man takes center stage to confront, connect, and confess while the accused awaits a verdict and revisits his heartbreaking journey through war in flashbacks. In the story Glushak, a Siberian hunter, kills his long-time friend who is exposed as a traitor to the U. In a desolate, sun-sorched corner of the world, an elderly woman has come to see her beloved grandson. Contents: The Cameraman's Revenge (1912, 13 min.) -- The Insects' Christmas (1913, 7 min.) -- Frogland: The Frogs Who Wanted a King (1922, 9 min.) -- Voice of the Nightingale (1923, 13 min.) -- The Mascot (1933, 26 min.) -- Winter Carousel (1958, 12 min.). total DVD 1934 Directed by Sergei Vassiliev and Georgy Vassiliev. Meanwhile there is a brutal murder nearby, and military corpses return from Afghanistan. Cast: Sergei Bekhterev, Nina Ruslanova, Natalya Buzko, Filipp Panov. Cast: Alexei Lyarsky, Varvara Massalitinova, Mikhail Troyansky, J. The Childhood of Maxim Gorky (Detstvo Gorkovo) was the first of Russian director Mark Donski's trilogy based upon Gorky's memoirs. The program explains the motivation behind the film and contains illumination of Tarkovskij's working methods and style and how he overcame various technical problems during the film-making. During World War II and the Nazi occupation of Czechoslavakia, a couple, Josef and Marie, decide to hide a young Jewish neighbor in their small apartment.

Sometimes they seem like brothers, at other times they appear to be like lovers.

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