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The first Dutch settlers arrived in 1624 and founded a number of villages and a town called New Amsterdam on the East Coast, which would become the future world metropolis of New York.

According to the 2006 United States Census, more than 5 million Americans claim total or partial Dutch heritage.

I mean, it feels like a different world.’ MAXIM photo shoot & interview: Do you have a lot of input in your photo shoots and music videos?

I’m very involved in anything to do with creative, and I actually co-directed the video for ‘My Medicine’.

Cat is forced by Joseph and Wendy to find the treasure at the volcano because it might be hidden in there because it took them years to find it.

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Director Dan Schnider will be directing the film, who previously directed i Carly: The Movie, True Jackson, VP: The Movie and i Carly: The Sequel.Meanwhile, Tori and the gang are enjoying their vacation on and island until they realized that they have to make it to New York City for high school graduation.