Santeria dating sites

20-Jan-2020 12:38

A sense of hope was sustaining the internal essence of what today is called Santería, a misnomer (and former pejorative) for the indigenous religion of the Lukumi people of Nigeria.In the heart of their homeland, they had a complex political and social order.The initiate most often receives the necklace of the five most powerful and popular oricha, as the multicolored beads of the elekes are each patterned for the primary Orichás (Eleguá, Obatalá, Yemayá, Changó, and Ochún), and they serve as a sacred point of contact with these Orichás.

The initiator's Padrino (godfather) cleanses the head with special herbs and water.

This ritual is a culmination of the previous rituals, and cannot be made unless the others have been completed.