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17-May-2020 18:17

Along with competitors such as Purple Bricks and e Moov, it’s part of a wave of businesses nibbling relentlessly away at the traditional selling model.So is her company part of a complete change in how we buy and sell houses?It changed the face of online dating and I’m really proud of that.“And Rise Hall isn’t just for weddings – it’s a beautiful building that was a risk, but we wanted to transform it and give it a new lease of life.She regularly appears on television and is a friend of DJ Christian O' Connell.She has also appeared on Bob the Builder alongside Dermot O'Leary, on which she estimated the value of Bob the Builder's house to be "Two Bob".The rise of the online estate agent has been phenomenal in the last few years.

In this series, the programme follows a group of passionate villagers who want to restore their village to its former glory.

“Actually, they are more obvious than you’d think if you knew me well.

“My Single Friend was fun to start as it was a really disruptive business at the time because online dating was definitely not a normally thing to do.

Sarah clearly has an appetite for disrupting old industries with new technology.

We asked why she had made such forays into industries so far out of her specialty.she was asked to undertake a screen test to front a new programme series about property development, which was to be fronted by a property expert.