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09-Jan-2020 15:06

Cluster spam scores are averaged across all documents in a cluster.

I had a 21 year old guy message me and the message contained only one word: Sex? Though I thought about just writing back "Female." : D 21 is outside my age range anyway. I'm in my mid-forties, and keep getting approached by 25-year-olds.

It's probably fine but I'm curious how you all would critique it anyway.

I'm not sure if they're a scammer, spammer, or what but they're almost certainly up to something. The only thing I don't mind is when they come out and say that they aren't a paid subscriber and that it's better to contact them on OKC, which I know is legit. Her profile is already gone (and she was "NEW" yesterday). You haven't lived 'til you've thrown paper plates at Plan Nine from Outer Space at B-Fest.

She's not terribly computer literate (uses email/word processing and online surfing/shopping as needed, but not more than 1.5 hours/day on average), and was hesitant to jump into a bunch of paid sites. Can you guys recommend 1-2 paid sites, and a bunch of free sites that have worked for you?

Neither the SO nor I have ever tried online dating, so I'd have no clue where to direct her. I moved my Notes down a bit so they wouldn't be the first thing staring someone in the face when they clicked on my profile; hopefully guys will still read them. Mississippienne, I don't know much if anything about New York City and it's boroughs, but I wonder if your hard luck is geographical.

Neither the SO nor I have ever tried online dating, so I'd have no clue where to direct her. I really haven't had a lot of luck with it in the... The problems I see; "Atheism and very serious about it", and being straight edge, which may make you appear sanctimonious in the eyes of some; like you might be some Dawkins-type who would chastise your date for ordering a beer. At first the three big DON'Ts you have at the very top seemed too negative, but then someone who is a good match for you would be agreeing with them and not dissuaded by them so that works. On the other, someone reading the profile is initially met with negativity, even if it doesn't apply to them and it might be offputting. I'm going to try to smile more in photos -- I just really dislike my smile. Your pictures are pretty with funny captions, and your profile is entertaining and informative. The right person sees the right profile at the right time. It is an easy way to quickly gauge someone's interest.

I don't even know if the biggies are any good anymore. The first three paragraphs in the self-summary are kind of negative, and a cold introduction to what is otherwise a very human, well-written profile. Your second, third, fourth, and next-to-last photos are I think the best ones. I guess the real question is how well the notes have worked. Or are they still pushing through thinking "Maybe I will be the exception." If it is working,. Also, isn't there a way to make it so people who write to you have to answer certain questions in order to send the message? I haven't been having any luck on OKCupid; I'm not the prettiest thing out there, but I haven't gotten a response even when I've messaged guys that I thought were interesting but markedly less attractive than what I would prefer. Based on her age, she might be better off with e Harmony than most - as well as with Part of it depends on where she is geographically - some states seems to frequent certain sites more, at lease IME.

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----------------------------- I made a few changes to my profile (Yahoo Personals worked great for me in Colorado, but sucked for me in South Carolina. I really haven't had a lot of luck with it in the... Ahh, I didn't even really consider different sites for different ages, but that's smart. The other day I went and played water polo with a women I meet online. Later that day I wrote a quick note saying I enjoyed meeting her and gave her my email and numbers.