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25-Dec-2019 06:10

At my startup Speek, we’re fixing the conference call.

In order to do this, we must dwell in both the web and telephony worlds.

which are connected by switching centers (the electronic exchanges that do what operators do in any movie filmed in black and white).

Originally analog, the PSTN now has an almost entirely digital chewy center.

This money comes out of your pocket one way or another. Thankfully, the FCC recently adopted rules designed to reduce the ability to engage in access stimulation.

Plus, you can’t have traffic pumping without phone numbers. He is the CTO of Speek – a 500 Startups-funded startup that lets users do conference calls with a simple link ( Name), rather than using phone numbers and PINs.

Facebook recently announced that Facebook Messenger would let users call each other through Vo IP. Let’s face it – Voice over IP Is becoming ubiquitous, and the phone number’s days are, well, numbered.

And the recent emergence of Web RTC is finally warming the waters for the web nerds among us to dip our toes in the stagnant waters of telecom.

Common Vo IP protocols and software that you may have heard of are SIP, RTMP, XMPP, Jingle, Skype, and Google Talk.Open Source Telephony Software Asterisk is software that allows connected telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services including the PSTN and Vo IP. Translation: Asterisk is open source software that lets you do cool stuff with telephony that was historically proprietary and/or hardware-based.Mark Spencer, a smart telephony hacker guy, created asterisk in the late 90’s.A serial startup/technology entrepreneur and executive, Danny started his career as a software engineer working for startups like Network Solutions and Music in the 90’s.

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Danny founded his first company, Jaxara, in the early 2000s (exited via acquisition) and co-founded Speek with John Bracken in 2012. Jess loves technology, equality and people, which is why she’s 500’s Director of Diversity.

Translation: You know how bad it sucks to try and do real-time audio or video in a web browser using Flash?

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