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They were hunter-gatherers, but also developed a primitive system of agriculture.After AD 1000, agricultural surpluses enabled them to develop complex, hierarchical societies.With the rise of the Mississippian culture in the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys, tribal leaders organized thousands to build complex urban areas with numerous large earthworks – pyramidal, ridgetop and conical mounds used for religious, political and ceremonial purposes.Cahokia, located in present-day Collinsville, Illinois, was the major regional center of this culture.Archeologists say they were not descendants of the earlier inhabitants.The Illini left numerous artifacts, including burial sites, burned-out campfires along the bases of bluffs, pottery, flint implements, and weapons.Southern Illinois' most populated city is Belleville at 44,478.

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Many areas developed an economy based on coal mining. Louis MSA, much of Southern Illinois is still culturally affiliated with the Mid-South: western Kentucky, southwestern Indiana, West Tennessee, and the Missouri Bootheel, and the people speak with similar accents.The settlements including Cahokia town, Kaskaskia and Chartres became important market villages and supply depots between Canada and the French ports on the lower Mississippi River.Other important early outposts in Southern Illinois were at Old Shawneetown and Fort Massac on the Ohio River.For that school's athletic program, see Southern Illinois Salukis.

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Southern Illinois (also known as "Little Egypt" or "Egypt") is the southern third of the state of Illinois.The first European settlers were the French in the part of their empire called, Illinois Country.