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18-Jan-2020 13:10

I was on the bottom bunk and half asleep when in the early hours the guy staying above me stumbles into the room with two girls.

I realise, after hearing them giggling and their insanely loud whispering, that they plan to have a threesome in the top bunk. ” In reality, they are climbing up the shaky bunkbed and I’ve got my earphones in trying to drown them out but I just keeping hearing these ridiculously loud whispers and giggles which go on forever.

Aaron, 24 I’ll always remember my one really wild night when I was staying in Darwin – we’d been out all night at a rave and then partying at the hostel.

When she got back to the room we all thought she was about to die because there was so much blood – talk about memorable!

Some find it gross, some find it hilarious, but let’s face it, it does make for some funny stories over a beer with your friends.

Let’s face it, backpackers have limited places they can go for a little privacy in dorms of ten and they have to find ways to at least pretend they’re hiding what they’re up to – cue the towel hung up around the bed, the muffled whispers and giggles.

I’m getting so annoyed that finally I get up at 6am because all hopes of sleep are long gone.

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I’m so annoyed at the guy but actually end up being mates with him, and one night his friend makes a comment about him not being good with the ladies.

Toni, 22 I had a friend in Colombia who met this guy, but they decided they didn’t want to head back to the hostel.

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Everyone is different when it comes to the reason behind the need of a fuck buddy or a discreet sex date. It might be that your husband is not satisfying you or he works away from home and you yearn for some excitement or it might be that your wife isn't 'dirty' enough for you and there are things she won't do in the bedroom or maybe you are looking to try a threesome.… continue reading »

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you get one for registering, you can buy more, and every time you do something you haven’t done before, you can give the person doing it a cherry. And here, I just thought you were teasing the new guy. 1) Hope that cherries aren’t too expensive, and get ready to buy them by the bucketload. 3) Pretend I’m way more experienced than I really am, and hope they mistake my squeals of “Oh, God, where are you sticking that? (((kitten))) Are you going to come and nap in my lap again, after playing with the nice sparkly dangly watch? Every time you write down the memories of the trance, it’ll be just like you’re experiencing it all over again. So the dream-me was sort of dreaming too, lost in the cloud-imagery and picturing it. ;) I didn’t realize you lived so close to shylittlekitten. I’ve just spent a few minutes chatting with her, and she says that if you’re still worried, you can send her PMs, so long as you open the message with the phrase, “Kitten has milky eyes.” She won’t consciously remember anything after that phrase in the PM, but she’ll read it and respond, so you can negotiate your comfort levels that way. I’ll be posting a play-by-play of the event afterwards, for the curious. ;) ;) ;) Okay, folks, as promised, here’s the story of my meeting with shylittlekitten!… continue reading »

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Society, the media, counselling services, and schools tend to 'erase' their relationships by grouping bisexuality within the gay or straight binary; or forget altogether that bisexual men and their partners are of all ages, ethnicities, countries, classes, she explains.… continue reading »

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Each colour has its special meaning and, formed in a pattern, can have an even deeper sense - there are patterns that symbolise democratic rule or knowledge from experience.… continue reading »

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A 44-year-old man married 26 years to a woman who became hooked on cybersex wrote: "At first we had sex more than ever as I desperately tried to prove myself. I get strong pictures of what she did and lusted after, and I get repelled and feel bad." Women who become cybersex addicts may face even greater risks than their male counterparts.… continue reading »

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