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Sexy video clips have a more negative influence on girls than on boys, says Dutch pop professor Tom ter Bogt.

Ter Bogt investigated the influence of sexy video clips on the thoughts, behaviour and self-image of 13 to 16 year old children.

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"There is no reason for a moral panic," Ter Bogt says, "young people need to experiment with sex.

But these experiments must be based on equality between men and women, and the relationships in these videos are not based on equality. When they start to define their identity with their looks, they may lose self-confidence, will perform worse in school, and will suffer more from eating disorders." The conclusions of Ter Bogt are confirmed by research by US psychologists, but also shows that parents have a major influence in their girls' self-image.

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After viewing the clips, girls felt that outward appearance was more important, they were less satisfied with their own appearance, and they became less resolute in denying permissive sex.