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According to Galindo, their island campaign bought a water truck, dug wells and opened community clinics, only to see their opponents do the same thing a few weeks later.

"I only asked for four pieces because I thought they are not going to give them to me," said Mc Kenzie.

The ministry of fisheries will go to an islander," promised Zelaya to a flag-waving audience. History of Roatan is divided into before Jerry Hynds after Jerry Hynds," said Hugo Irias, a retired Roatan teacher and master of ceremony at the event.

Still the biggest applause went to Tito Dixon, chief of Roatan Municipal police, for his singing praises to all-but-one liberal candidate. A couple days later things heated-up even further when a leaflet was anonymously inserted inside the around 500 La Prensa editions distributed on the island.

The anonymous accusations may have had actually a reverse effect, than intended.

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"He [Hynds] walked into a broken municipality with a debt to pay.

) still ended with the LGBT character beat up, killed, etc.