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Some pitting on inside of spool, Reel is in condition. It is marked 100 on the foot and marked 4 Brothers - Capitol on the front plate. Condition is nice older boat reel made by Pflueger.The dating formula is here: An HF reel would therefore have been made beginning in 1935, a GE reel would have been manufactured starting in 1946, and so on.There are significantly more examples of these reels remaining in circulation today, which combined with their rougher check system make them not as collectible as the earlier versions manufactured before 1935.My goal for this page is simply to collect existing information from knowledgeable classic fly reel collectors and display it on one page for easier accessibility.If I’ve inadvertently omitted any information, or if you have any corrections to add, please let me know!—- Line guide —– Other Maker’s Marks Russell 1892 —- 3.0″ —- agate ———— N/A Russell 1893 —- 3.0″ —- chromium —— N/A Russell 1894 —- 3.0″ —- none ———— N/A Russell 1895 —- 3.6″ —- none ———— Abbey & Imbrie Salmo Russell 1896 —- 3.6″ —- agate ———— N/A Russell 1897 —- 3.6″ —- chromium —— Heddon Little Rivers, South Bend Oreno 1100 — — The most commonly found Russells on online auction sites and in pawn shops are the later-year designs, which saved on manufacturing costs by reducing the number of parts needed for production.Shakespeare developed a two-letter date code that appeared on reel frames near the model number beginning in 1935, and so all reels with these two-letter codes are iterations of the later-year reels.

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The 3 7/8" diameter, 2 1/8" wide spool reel was listed in the Zwarg catalogs as capable of holding 42 yards of C enameled silk with 150 yards of No.9 linen line. Fitzgerald was the Southern sales manager for the L. Balfour company, with this reel a gift for his then boss. William Billinghurst (1807-1880) Bird Cage Reel - he was a well known gunsmith whose patent for a side-mount reel built of wire and castings is now considered to be the first American fly reel.

1 Salmon Reel - With rim control spool, this 3 7/8" diameter reel has a simple click pawl drag system with tail plate adjustment, two screw spool latch and nickel silver line guide.

Featuring "tool-less" conversion from left to right hand wind, wide ranging advanced fiber composite drag system and 6061 bar stock aluminum construction, this 4 3/8" diameter reel is in Hardy Marquis No.

It was made in England and is marked #108 on the foot. It appears that it is missing a decal on the back plate. 2/3/4 Fly Reel - Reel diameter is 2 7/8", weight is 6.5oz.

It comes in the original box with matching numbers, extra spool and the paperwork. nice earlier raised pillar reel marked 'Pennell Reel Co - Phila'' on the front plate. It comes in the original box with a soft Fin-Nor case. Has hard rubber side plates and the click is nice and strong. this is an early version of the Grice & Young Big Game Reel.

The Russell was inexpensive to manufacture and so was produced by the thousands, providing a low-cost competitor to the Pflueger Medalist and allowing many examples to endure over the years to today.

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