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16-Jun-2020 20:42

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Turin Shroud: First Century after Christ by Giulio Fanti and Pierandrea Malfi is now shipping for delivery on June 30th. Many papers on it have recently appeared in important scientific journals.

The price for this 500 page, hardcover book is .23. Scientific studies on the relic until today fail to provide conclusive answers about the identity of the enveloped man and the dynamics regarding the image formation impressed therein.

Many books on the theme have been already published, but none of them contains such a quantity of scientific news and reports.

The most important of them is the following: the result of the 1988 radiocarbon dating is statistically wrong and other three new dating methods demonstrate that the Shroud has an age compatible with the epoch in which Jesus Christ lived in Palestine.

After gaining experience in spatial structures, and also in tethered satellites and image analysis, he has directed since 1997 his interest to the Shroud to fill some gaps, especially with reference to the body image impressed in it, which is still scientifically inexplicable.

He was responsible for a university research project concerning the most important relic of Christianity and has headed for more than 10 years the Shroud Science Group, a group of about 140 scientists dedicated to study of the relic.

This book not only addresses these issues in a scientific and objective manner but also leads the reader through new search paths.

It summarizes the results in a simple manner for the reader to comprehend easily.

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It is an essential addition to any library or collection of written work on the Shroud of Turin." ― Mark Oxley, author of The Challenge of the Shroud "After decades of dedicated research, Dr.

Recent robust statistical studies add weight to this theory.

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