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Is it a case of transference wherein the aged mage is attempting to save himself through these others and is therefore blinded to their dedication to their choices?He himself wouldn't persist in true evil, that much is a given.I love this sub-genre as it let's the writer completely re-boot the storyline. I Did It: Little one shot where Harry reads Hermione's behaviour more than JKRs words. Overall, I am an Harry and Hermione shipper, although as you can tell by my stories, Harry and Other Character is Ok with me too.One thing that's kind of icky, though, is the time traveling Harry lusting after his 11 year old wife. Harry and Ginny as written in canon just doesn't make much sense to me, sorry to the H/G shippers out there (including JKR).How can Harry be 'as good as' a son in that period of time over three years? I find it hard to warm up to a fear driven controlling character with the above mention 'flaws'.Dumbledore Of all the tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. What an incredibly conflicting and confusing character. He defeated a terrible dark lord (Grindlewald) and led the charge against another (Voldemort).

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How incredibly disturbing that JKR thought the situation amusing. Molly's protestations that 'he's as good as my son' in the beginning of book 5 were also jarring for me.My Stories I've been asked where I get inspiration for my little essays into the world of Harry Potter. This gives the reader a better image of the scene.7.