South indian male dating white girls funny dating advice for girls

26-Dec-2019 17:20

We just recently moved to a bigger city and I can't help but notice a lot of angry faces from asian males and old white ladies.

At first, I thought asian males are just being jealous.

Now, you might be thinking I am just a hypocrit because I'm dating an asian girl, but you have to understand that my half-brother is asian and he is dating a white girl.

So if you tell me to stop dating my asian girlfriend, then why not tell him to stop dating white girls?

So ya, i support interracial dating, i dated 2 white girls before, they were great. After divorcing my rude, messy, white American blonde wife, who was all about commercialism, hatred for "traditional" womanly roles (yes I mean cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house) and had a bad family upbringing, I had a decision to make... I have had sweet American girlfriends and I am sure there are some sweet American girls that know how to treat a man, but what happened is that I decided to search globally for a woman. I also spent some time dating a Thai girl and she is the same way.

I liked the filipino women right away because of their loyalty to family, their work ethic, and their satisfaction with taking care of the house (laundry, cooking, etc).

Basically any guy that is Indian ethnically (whether born in India or born in a Westernized country) that has been in an interracial relationship with a woman outside of his own race before. Currently I am in a small town and don't see many Indians. Male ethnically Indian engineer married to white female engineer.

Apparently from what I have read online, in most developed countries, Indian men have a hard time attracting women of other races despite being doctors and such. Was wondering how it is like in the big cities for an Indian guy. Knew her before her marriage, not him, so I have no idea as to his actual background ( naturalized or native-born or whatever ).

Different races seldom mix outside of professional environments, so it's still very rare to see interracial couples.I'm a white guy and I think a lot of asian girls are attractive.