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When the Council of Nicaea met, Easter was already the most important festival of the church calendar, and it was the custom of thousands of Christians to make long pilgrimages to Jerusalem and other shrines to celebrate the Resurrection.

The rule of the Council of Nicaea was established to make it certain that the pilgrims would always have the light of a full moon to guide them on their way at night.

In that year, Easter Sunday fell on March 29, and that was the day that a late-season snowstorm blanketed New York City with 4 inches of snow, while to the north, Westchester and Putnam counties received as much as 9 to 12 inches.

Six years later, in 1976, Easter Sunday occurred on April 18, right in the middle of a three-day stretch of what is now known in weather annals as New York's Great Easter Heat Wave.

During this same time period, the date that comes up the most (41 times) for celebrating Easter is April 16, which also just happens to be this year.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people have been circulating a proposal to choose a fixed date for Easter, rather than having a movable one.

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Not only was it the hottest Easter on record in Gotham, but it was also the very first (and only) time that New York had the highest temperature in the nation: In Central Park the thermometer hit a blistering 96 degrees!That was probably the first time you could have fried an Easter egg on a New York sidewalk.