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11-May-2020 20:44

I also felt too OLD really, as they were talking about the courses they were studying, or the travelling they were about to do, whilst I’ve been there and done that and am now a mummy!So with these feelings, I had more hope for the older dating event, as it was more likely there would be guys there at the same ‘life stage’ as me so there might be more of a chance of finding some chemistry.30-45 years event This one started off with a very arrogant guy who was at the older end of the scale and his first question to me was why I was at the event.The two events I selected were with the age groups 21-35yrs and 30-45yrs.I’m 29, so am near the end of the scale of the younger group, and the bottom of the older group, so I was intrigued to see how I would be perceived in each group too.21-35 years event The majority of the men in this group were at the younger end of the scale, and some met the criteria completely of the ‘lads about town’ who were only looking for one night stands which they politely called ‘fun’.

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There were some good looking and mature guys in this group, but unfortunately for me they were vertically challenged- yes that makes me somewhat shallow, but I already am self-conscious about how I look, so having a guy smaller than me would just add to my already negative feelings about my weight and size!Mandie is a professional social events organiser, and thankfully does some great low-priced events across the whole of Sussex; They even have a free online dating section on their website for us Sussex people to use.The events include speed dating, coffee and cake nights and even social nights in private clubs where the aim is to meet new friends as well as potential dates.You get a few minutes with each person to have your ‘date’ and then you tick people you want to go on a proper date with on your tick sheet.

The following day you get emailed with your matches and their contact details and that’s basically it!

Oceana Brighton speed dating and Terraces speed dating Brighton can also be booked.

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