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NOTE: If you click F5, the detail is shown to the Script Output tab. As before you'll need to commit the changes to save them to the database. As in the above example, you can update data using the SQL Worksheet, using SQL commands, or you can use the data tab in the table definition and update individual rows. Once again you can update rows easily by using the Data tab interface.As you did in the previous exercise, click on a table in the Connections Navigator. Notice by clicking on a table different from the previous one worked on, the tab is replaced with the new selected table.If you want to use F5 for a single statement then you can select the statement and click F5.HINT: CTRL Enter will execute the single statement your cursor is on.You can open Table Designer by opening a new or existing table.A new version of Table Designer appears for databases in the SQL Server 2012 format.

The general syntax of an UPDATE statement is: UPDATE table_name SET column1=value1, column2=value2 WHERE column=condition For example, in the Customer_master table, if a change needs to be made to both Andrew Smith’s email address (to [email protected]) and his date of birth (to February 17, 1985), the syntax would be: UPDATE customer_master SET email_addr="[email protected]", date_of_birth="" WHERE customer_name="Andrew Smith" Note the importance of the WHERE clause in acting as a restriction on which rows of data are to be changed.

The Visual Studio edition that you have and the settings that you use determine these elements.

I'm trying to move my current use of an sql 2000 db to sql 2005.

To update multiple records, it's easier to use a SQL statement.

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update departments set manager_id = 108 where department_id in (120, 130, 140); Commit; 200; Note: You can use F9 to execute the last statement, or F5 to execute all in the SQL Worksheet.

The CTE result set is derived from a simple query and is referenced by UPDATE statement.