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23-Jan-2020 03:22

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Here are a few pics of the voluptuous Stacey Nelkin -- no Going Ape! In 1980's Serial, Stacey Nelkin plays Marlene, a grocery cashier who charms both Martin Mull and Bill Macy.

Stacey makes Marlene seem more like a free spirit and less of a bimbo.

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New York is a solipsistic climate with its own rules of fidelity.

At least the producers didn't cast another blonde in the role...

In the Mad magazine-produced Up The Academy, also from 1980, Stacey -- here billed as Stacy Nelkin -- plays Candy, the girlfriend of one of the military school cadets.

Stacey Nelkin never played dumb, no matter how dumb the script, and she didn't have to try too hard to be sexy.

She's become a relationship expert recently, as witnessed by her many appearances on Fox News and her radio show and website.

Instead, we've got the forced zaniness of Mark Blankfield, the druggy pharmacist from TV's "Fridays" and little else...