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20-Jan-2020 05:47

Arguably, they understate the inherent benefits of a close relationship that is unencumbered by sexual tension.

Nevertheless, these findings go a long way toward explaining what the researchers call “the unique and important bond shared by straight women and gay men.” And they’re certainly fodder for future episodes of envelope-stretching comedy.

All were presented with the Facebook profile of a person named Jordan.

The profiles were identical, except for Jordan’s gender and sexual orientation.

My second boyfriend found it degrading and wouldn’t do it.

I think there are two things holding me back: (1) I’ve never even heard of this fantasy, and that makes me feel like a creep. (2) I know the first time I will giggle with joy and I’m afraid that will be a big buzzkill if my hypothetical future boyfriend thinks I’m laughing at him.1.

A lot of these men are with women who barely tolerate their kinks.

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Participants were told the study was about the way online profiles influence friendships.

“Our results suggest that straight women and gay men perceive mating advice provided by each other to be more trustworthy than similar advice offered by other individuals,” a team led by psychologist Eric Russell, a visiting researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, writes in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

Russell and his colleagues describe two experiments providing evidence for this thesis.

From the title characters of "Will and Grace" to Kurt and Rachel on "Glee," television comedies have picked up on an apparently widespread phenomenon: intense friendships between gay men and straight women.

But in real life, what cements this often-close bond?

The researchers contend a similar dynamic may be at work with gay men.