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09-Feb-2020 18:28

I packed up my bag, marched out of his apartment, and dumped him the next day. Even though we were equals in the realm of who paid for dinner, he wanted to wear the pants (outside the bedroom, I mean) not as a ” That’s true, certainly, but since I didn’t know I was dating one until we were already boyfriend and girlfriend, I will say something else: dating Andy taught me to heed the red flags sooner.I don’t really know what his problem was (mommy issues? Giving people the benefit of the doubt is a lovely quality.

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Clearly, I’ve set the stage to make my ex-boyfriend sound like a douchebag.

He made more than a few digs at stay-at-home mothers, whom he dismissively referred to as “housewives” and suggested were just lazily spending their husband’s money.