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While tax implications are an important component of long-term planning, Katz cautions investors never to let the tax tail wag the investment dog.Weigh feisty bond alternatives If a fund makes sense within your portfolio, especially if you intend to buy and hold, the ex-dividend date should not weigh heavily on your investment decision.Anyone who owns shares before the ex-dividend date is entitled to the payout and must pay the tax associated with that gain.Distributions are normally viewed as a positive, especially for income-seeking investors.Rebalancing mitigates risk How many will distribute in the final months of 2014 remains to be seen, Safran said.Lou Stanasolovich, a certified financial planner with Legend Financial Advisors, said he counsels clients to avoid buying ahead of the ex-dividend date if they know when the fund will pay out (start calling your fund in October), or if they're eager to own the fund immediately, to consider purchasing it in their tax-deferred retirement plan instead.But you could have to pay taxes on your windfall when it comes time to sell.

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That said, you could be strategic about when you sell, says Trish Evenstad, president of the Wisconsin Society for Enrolled Agents, part of the larger non-profit tax advocacy group, the National Association for Enrolled Agents.

Thus, from an investment standpoint it's a wash, he said, but Uncle Sam still requires you to pay taxes on the fund's distribution.

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