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"People still recognise me in the street and say I haven't changed, which is good."However, I never went naked in a movie again after Last Tango, even though I was offered many such roles.That she is alive - and seemingly at peace these days - is testimony to her fortitude. I've made 50 films in my career and Last Tango is 35 years old, but it's still the one that everyone asks me about," she says.Schneider lives in Paris, and at 55, retains the enviable figure that she so magnificently paraded, mostly nude, in Last Tango."When I celebrated my 20th birthday during filming, my trailer was filled with flowers and there was a note saying: 'From an unknown admirer.'"We stayed friends until the end, although for a while we couldn't talk about the movie.Undoubtedly, my best experience about making the film was my encounter with Marlon. I had an offer to star in another film, with Alain Delon, but my agency, William Morris, said: 'It's a leading role with Marlon Brando - you can't refuse.' "I was so young and relatively inexperienced and I didn't understand all of the film's sexual content.Yet, while Last Tango brought Schneider immediate recognition, the fall-out from the movie for the young actress was spectacular.Unprepared for the worldwide attention the film brought, she soon embarked on a path of self-destruction with fraught romantic entanglements, suicide attempts and a lapse into drug addiction.

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"They only told me about it before we had to film the scene and I was so angry."I felt humiliated and to be honest, I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertolucci.After the scene, Marlon didn't console me or apologise."I think Bertolucci is over-rated and he never really made anything after Last Tango that had the same impact.

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"He was fat and sweaty and very manipulative, both of Marlon and myself, and would do certain things to get a reaction from me.The actof placing a skull on your desk is known as keeping a "Memento Mori" to inspire thoughts of your death.