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The force put the boy’s details on its system over an incident in 2015, when he was 14 years old.

After sending a photo of his penis to a girl over Snapchat, his head teacher and a local police officer told his mother and warned him that it was a criminal offence.

He was not prosecuted but GMP have kept a record of the incident under laws forbidding the making or sharing of indecent images, and have refused to delete his name from their files.

The boy’s mother argued that the decision could violate his human rights and affect his future education and employment prospects if he has to disclose his police record.

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But Mr Justice Kerr said the boy's case was “arguable” and granted him and his family permission for a judicial review.Police charged 20-year-old Robert Deeley with robbery, aggravated assault and employing a juvenile in the commission of a crime and sent him to Cape May County Correctional Center, police said.They charged the teenager with robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault and sent him to a juvenile detention facility.Capacity: Up to 60 delegates in Room 1, up to 48 delegates in Room 2 and up to 30 delegates in Room 3, depending on seating configuration.

Available Equipment: Flipchart stand, extension lead, three powerpoint projectors, screen, overhead projector, three white walls.Charlotte Bentham, acting for the Chief Constable of GMP, said the full retention of records was lawful and for a legitimate policing purpose.