Three rules of relative dating

19-Mar-2020 19:52

The Principle of Fossil Succession states that groups of fossils (called fossil assemblages) proceed one another in a regular and determinable manner.The science of geology is founded on basic principles that are useful for making observations about the world around us.Most of the rocks we see on the surface of the planet formed by processes that happened long ago, but we can see these processes actively taking place in many places.Rapid rock formation can be seen happening such as lava cooling from a volcanic eruption in places like Hawaii or Iceland.For purposes of relative dating this principle is used to identify faults and erosional features within the rock record.Then, by applying the Principle of Cross-Cutting we are able to relatively date those processes.

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This chapter is an introduction to rocks and minerals, and the rock cycle.

The mineral composition of a rock reflects the physical environment and geologic history where a rock formed.

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