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12-Jul-2020 20:24

Do you prefer tickling your partner during foreplay or having your partner tickle you? Isn't that similar to punching and pushing one another in play as the precursor to foreplay??????

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I had went out with someone that liked to hold a person down and tickle them tell they wet themself, which frankly I found sadistic and cruel... A soft, gentle, lite give ya a good kind of shivery feeling is one thing, but full on pushing it to try and get the person to laugh is NOT a turn on to me...If you tickled my feet you'd get a big ol' kick in the face!!!! Now, ya wanna wrestle around play on the bed, sure, that's fun. that almost ALWAYS turns sexual because you can massage EVERY area of the body .... tickling my lower stomach def starts the juices flowing :)There is a fine line between "torture tickling" and that feathery touch that can be quite sensual and erotic....addition to your fingers and objects like feathers....But tickling is NOT fun, they are NOT laughing because they like it. I don't even like my back tickled, although I know many ppl do. (not mean scratched, just like a good back scratch, kwim? you can also use your mouth and tongue to just lightly brush the skin...Some "tickle-tops" intensify this sense of bodily anarchy by trying to make the "tickle-bottom" lose control over ejaculation, urination or consciousness itself.

Tickling may be an underground fetish, but it's surprisingly common.

21-24, featuring the world's first Tickle Rodeo.

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