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If the vessel arrives before the first day of the period, the charterers do not have to accept her until commencement of the agreed laydays.

If she arrives after the final layday, the charterers are entitled to reject the vessel and cancel the charter.

Your local bar association or the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Service (1-800-252-9690) can assist you with locating an attorney.

Suppliers should give any refunds in the same form as your original payment.

The charterers cannot be made to declare whether they intend to cancel or not before the vessel arrives at the loading port.

Even after the cancelling date has passed, owners can still not compel the charterers to declare whether or not they will load the vessel (and in practice the charterers will often stay silent, hoping to make a new contract with owners).

State law grants a “right of rescission” or “cooling off” period in only a few specific instances.

If you do not see a statute that governs your particular situation, you may be bound by your agreement with the seller.

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If indefinite the charter party may state that the cargo is to be loaded with customary despatch or customary quick despatch or as fast as the vessel can receive.

If you find these statutes difficult to understand, you may want to look at the “plain English” resources on this page or speak to an attorney.