Tom daley and sophie lee dating

03-Jul-2020 21:25

Model Katherine Webb also leapt into the pool, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did, err, his best.Judging the contestants is Dave Boudia and Steve Foley, two Olympians who lack any sort of on-screen charisma, which makes things worse.Although the 19 year-old didn't reveal the man's identity, it was later reported to be 39 year-old Academy Award winning screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black.Continue reading: Tom Daley Talks Dustin Lance Black: "It Was Love At First Sight"Tom Daley's boyfriend is reportedly the Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, 39.

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This time, ITV1 have entrusted him with presenting a travel series in which he visits countries including Thailand, Japan, Australia, Morocco and New Zealand with his best pal Sophie Lee. Daley - the new Michael Palin - will stay in hostels and take overnight train journeys as part of the six-week programme Splash, ABC's new reality diving competition, premiered on Tuesday evening (March 19, 2013), to a mixed response on Twitter.He said: "It's a bit strange coming back to school but it will all be normal again soon.