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occasioned by hard Drinking or Sickness, &c." and "carry off the effects of bad Wine, which too many die of." (17, page 169) In other words: it was a hangover cure Stouighton created a bottle design that made it unique, and it became so common that it "gained dictionary definition." Circulars extolled the product, and served as the package label, mainly because these early bottles did not have paper labels: they usually came wrapped inside the label.

This product made patent medicine popular in Britain.

(23, page 205) (1, page 292) They were also sometimes referred to as "Spirit of Scull." They may also have be recommended for epilepsy.

King Charles II may have also made his own version of the remedy in his own laboratory.

The product was still being sold at the turn of the 20th century.

(7) The main indications for this remedy were: flatulence, gripes, convulsions, gout, bloody flux, etc.

This was actually the first medicine to be patented in Britain. Goddard, before he died, gave his secret to the Royal College, under the stipulation they not publish it during his lifetime (apparently they didn't have to wait long.) (29, page 52) King Charles II granted the patent because he thought commoners would benefit from it. Thomas Sydenham, physician known as the Hippocrates of English medicine. Sydenham said the drops are "a highly volatile oleous alcaline spirit, drawn from dead silk worms: but the present practice takes no notice of it." (23, page xlvii) Dr.

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Listed here are some of the more common remedies you might take for respiratory ailments. Scot's Pills: These were initially made by Patrick Anderson around 1635.

This medicine is the most ancient and popular arcana in Great Britain, chimed the authors of The Dublin Journal of Medical Science in 1845.