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30-Mar-2020 20:15

Member Clicks offers everything that organizations need to manage their memberships.

From online databases, dues automation and event registrations to custom-designed websites, email marketing and member communities, our products are tailor-made for small staffs.

New subscribers only will be sent the follow-up email as configured in the list settings.

If the list has been set as double opt-in, they will be sent the verification email, otherwise they will be sent the confirmation email you have set up for the list being subscribed to.

When specifying a value for a date custom field, avoid the ambiguous date formats dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy. Please note that each custom field value has a data limit of 250 characters.

Existing custom field data is not cleared if new custom field values are not provided.

This method is built for use in websites and integrations that need to add subscribers on a instance-by-instance basis, and adds a subscriber to an existing subscriber list, including custom field data if supplied.

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To clear the value of a custom field, pass a parameter of property in the request body to change the email address.

By default, resubscribed subscribers will not restart any automated workflow sequences, but they will receive any remaining emails.