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Thyroid pathology includes goitrous and nongoitrous hyperthyroidism associated with elevations in serum Tα in a thyroid-specific fashion mimicked the human disease in that mice developed abnormal thyroid glands with hyperfunctioning adenomas (12).The clinical observation that MAS-associated hyperthyroidism is often characterized by a shift toward T toxicosis prompted us to hypothesize that, similar to patients with Graves’ disease and toxic nodules (13–15), an increase in 5′-deiodinase activity plays a role in the MAS-associated hyperthyroidism pathogenesis.I thyroxine was purchased from Perkin Elmer (Boston, MA).AG50W chromatography columns were purchased from Bio-Rad (Hercules, CA), LH 20 chromatography columns were purchased from Pharmacia (Uppsala, Sweden).S.), who was unaware of the hormonal status of the patients.Patients were grouped according to those who did and did not have MAS-related ultrasound abnormalities.The genetic and molecular etiology of MAS is sporadic, postzygotic activation mutations of the α-subunit of the G stimulatory protein, G oncogene) undergo ligand-independent c AMP signaling activation (8).Thyroid involvement is one of the more common aspects of the disease, said to be present in up to 30–50% of the patients (9, 10).

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, the supernatant was collected and stored at −80 C.The c DNA was then amplified in a Taq Man 7000 real-time PCR apparatus using β-actin, D1, and D2 Taq Man gene expression assays (Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA).