Updating dataset with gridview

02-Apr-2020 02:18

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In the Editing an in-memory dataset example, the Data Table always gets its actual data in the ASPx Grid View. When the grid binds itself to a datasource, in this event handler a refreshed table is provided for the grid.

Thanks, Vest Hello Vest, I have tried to implement the resolution. I am adding columns from second table on Data Bound event of the aspxgridview.

Sometimes we need to specify the format of the data from the database, and the way it is rendered in the table, more exactly. NET is a very powerful control that provides an easy interface to add, update, delete, and display data.

The Grid View also lets you perform other tasks very easily, such as paging and sorting your data, but not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

Since you deal with a Data Table object, you should refresh it when records on your database server become modified.

For example, when a user updates a record, you update a corresponding record in SQL server. Even if you call the Data Bind method, you will not get a refreshed Data Table, and the grid will be bound to the previous datasource.

The data binding operation only need the data objects implement one of these interfaces, IList, IEnumarable, or ICollection.

Additionally, the powerful data grid control supports out of the box binding to objects in sub directory as well as their properties for customizing.

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This way of data binding is really easy and requires no complex process.

When we want to binding the Grid View to multiple data tables, we can achieve that by referring to hierarchical data binding.