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01-Dec-2019 09:45

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Buying a remote control, from Apple or a third party, would carry a significant cost!You carry your i Phone or i Pod Touch wherever you go...The exception is if the octet you need is only 1 or two digits. There is one button below the volume down part of the cross, but tapping it isn't doing much.I know it's getting pressed as I do hear the audible click when I hit it.so why should you carry a second device just to control your computer?Furthermore, why should you need line-of-sight to do so? Rowmote is like your Mac or Apple TV’s remote control, but over the wireless network and even better!

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OK, let me see if I can explain how this is gonna work, as it's a pain in the kneck, but once you get it working, it actually does work quite well.

By tapping the Apps button, you get bonus abilities, switching between controlled programs, toggling the i Tunes Visualizer, and more. FEATURESControl your Mac or Apple TV over a wireless network. Functions just like the hardware Apple Remote Control in: SWITCH: Access your Mac’s Dock, launching & switch between all controllable applications on the Mac, toggle the i Tunes visualizer, and more. Click-and-hold works just like on the physical remote in applications; for example, holding the right button fast-forwards, while a single click is ‘next’.

This is a feature no other i Phone remote control I know of does properly!

Pause the music or video automatically when you answer a call on your i Phone Rowmote is a steal!

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Couple it with Apple’s free Remote app to turn your i Phone or i Pod Touch into the ultimate controller for home stereo, mobile presentation, or casual video viewing.This now will tell you to select your mac from the list in the settings screen. You will get a num pad, and be presented with 4 boxes for each of the four parts of the IP. So now you'll have to double tap manually in the fourth box to move focus. Once done, you'll get a screen on your I O S device telling you to type a code in on your mac. And the buttons can be missed if you're a little off set. The left of the cross is previous track, or chapter depending on the app you're in, and the right is next. Also don't forget about that button in the top right corner.