Updating soundstream navigation

10-May-2020 08:43

I purchase this car stereo that provides Navigation from Tom Tom , however I can not find an update can anyone help?

quote from product catalog at poweracoustiks.com: "All Ingenix powered source units come standard with GPS turn-by-turn navigation for USA & Canada (other countries available).

Besides the radio and GPS, you can also use the Columbus infotainment GPS system to control your vehicle settings using the Car button on the control panel without needing a display.

The Columbus infotainment GPS system has: My Destinations web application, which lets you generate Special Destinations (v Card), an Image with GPS coordinates (where you can use the navigation) as well as enabling the prepration of particular points of interest (PPOIS) for putting in your GPS.

Here are some of the better-known GPS software providers: You could spend big money on a manufacturer’s software…or you could download it for free from the internet. Check out Chinavasion’s GPS Explained article for further information on how and where to find FREE GPS software!

Follow this step-by step guide on how to install the GPS software on our 5 Inch touchscreen GPS Unit Once you are in the settings menu you will need to find the navigational path option, this could be on the first page of options but if it isn’t press the arrow button to see if it is in the second menu.

Support for image formats enables viewing of images from an SD card or USB and showing the logos of stored radio stations on the display.

Properties of the Bolero infotainment system: The new generation of the Swing infotainment radio provides expanded options for operating your radio, telephone and now also car systems, without the necessity of a Maxi DOT display.

Mirror Link™ installed in the infotainment system allows compatible smartphones to display and control applications on-screen.

Before we start, Chinavasion has come to the party with a wide range of GPS handheld devices ready for any GPS software that you might want to throw on it, at really low prices.

Just like our phones we provide GPS devices without software, ready for you to load on whichever suits you.

You have to make the following steps in order to use your device with Toolbox to download and install contents from The contents will be locked to this SD card, therefore please do not change the SD card in the future.

Due to change of support of Piranha Leon/Locator/Escalade/Pathfinder/Voyager devices with the i GO version (see in the i GO software more/settings/about screen), there is no more SD card inserted needed for these devices.Now you are in the file selection menu and your job is to find an file to initiate the GPS software.