Updating svn

12-Jun-2020 04:32

The initial import works fine (have tried with both cmd line and within Xcode), however, after that, a new commit in Xcode doesn't seem to actually do anything.

My suspicion is that it is an issue with http access, but I could not get ssh or svn ssh to work in Xcode.

Now, maybe you want specific read-only working copies to get updated automatically, like on a build server or something.

THOSE would be a good candidate for a hook script in SVN, or even better a cron job in Unix-like systems or a scheduled task on Windows.

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i Version for SVN Multiple Subversions repositories on same domain i Version for SVN - part 2 Connect to external SVN repositry?

Specifies if SVN SSH protocol should use persistent connections (if it is possible) or not.

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updating svn-47

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If enabled, the Team Menu for large projects can appear in some period of time.

OK, you want to update the current repository with one of your previous revisions. type svn log –limit 10 (or whatever deep you want to go the past revisions 4.