Updating the kln 94 database

29-Dec-2019 13:20

The app you use to transfer the database is very buggy, crashes often, and can wreak havoc on your machine and card reader if you aren't careful.Follow all the steps carefully and when in doubt, give them a call if you have issues.The program, which is the same as is used for the KLN-94 is quite reliable using this notebook which runs Windows XP and an Edgeport USB to serial converter.Originally there was no jack in the plane for the updates but we had that added.I download the databases directly from Bendix Wingman services.The system seems to work very well (but insists on using COM port 3 for some reasons.)Our plane has a KLN-89B.CF is right though, it only works with Windows XP - thus I have an old laptop that I keep so I can continue to run the program.

One more option that comes to mind, sort of alond the lines of what CF said.

For the KMD 550 display, yes, it's the same process.