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Put online images in that playlist The "Categories" feature (that allows user to sort images by categories) is difficult to find/access. Improved graphic interface show image preview for online images after downloading the image show image log for online images that have not been downloaded yet show image details for online images after downloading the image playlist: For dynamic files ALWAYS show full path (URL) Improved auto-updater online info Improved: better menus if the current item in playlist is a dynamic source (webcam) don't jump to the next item in playlist.Instead stay on this webcam integrate Animator - When I double click an animated GIF in playlist show it as animated in Wallpaper Animator better handling of invalid/corrupted images Improved playlist compatibility with online images better handling for online images with complex URL Brand new caching system Stop then timer WHILE then program is downloading the image From web DPI compatibility (via High DPI daemon) Check the resample filter in bionix.'Smart size' tab was promoted to main tab 'Lock on folder' supports UNC paths now (network drives) Playlist now support UNICODE characters Show calendar on all monitors or only on primary monitor The demo wallpapers are not delivered with Bioni X anymore. Explanation: Some programs set the wallpaper coordinates to strange values. To allow more than one instance, create a file named "Only One Instance" in "c:\Program Files\Bionix Wallpaper\System" folder. In verbose mode, Bioni X Wallpaper displays the name of the image BEFORE it is set as wallpaper.The program will download the demo wallpapers from web site The 'Smart size' tab was promoted to main tab Package size decreased from 19MB to 9MB Stop then timer WHILE then program is downloading then image From web Minor New license system Internal Bugs fixed A partial list of bugs fixed is available here. In case there are problem with that specific image, the user can see its name and report it.Let user right click an image in Playlist and choose "Send it to monitor x".

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Very useful for business/office users (for example to present a schedule on all employee screens) Photo pile - Compose a collage from multiple photos.

However, the keys from 'old' versions (73 and down) will work with 9.74 Upon install, load a default playlist, full with lots of nice wallpapers (including animated gifs) Generating frames for a 50mb GIF file takes 12 sec and gui freezes.

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