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For Augustine, salvation was by grace alone and not by works.For Luther, this teaching was a light in the darkness in the midst of a works righteousness atmosphere. The letter said, “Augustine does not do justice to the meaning of Paul, although he comes closer to it than do the scholastic theologians” (Quoted in Plass, 315).Biel held that it was possible to love God without the assistance of divine grace.Scotus argued that this natural ability was intensified by the infused of love leading to works that were meritorious.This is primarily because Augustine understood the malady of sinful nature, and the reality of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.Augustine was not only helpful to Luther in understanding human nature, but also in understanding that the Law is fulfilled when what has not been done is forgiven.Steinmetz wrote: “If Luther is in fact a representative of the schola Augustiniana moderna, one of those distinguishing marks is great care in the accurate citation of sources and a concern to quote the theologians of its own order, this silence is – to say the least – remarkable” (Steinmetz, David.

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At the Heidelberg Disputation, Luther expounds on Augustine’s theology and calls him the “most trustworthy interpreter” of Paul ( (Philadelphia: Muhlenberg Press, 1957), 39).Heiko Obermann, Professor of Church History at the University of Tubingen has tried to promote a different idea.