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25-Dec-2019 16:15

Five Live Report's Phil Kemp investigated two teenagers' experiences.

Nick was 16 when he set up a personal profile on Faceparty, a social networking website - something an estimated nine out of 10 teenagers now do.

Debts incurred by either spouse during that time are normally community debts.

Yet California divorce courts routinely order reimbursement to the other spouse for community funds that went to pay for the other spouse’s schooling. It wasn't long before people he didn't know were getting in touch and asking him to go on his webcam."They said: 'I could pay you if you want.' I was like, 'OK, fair enough.' If there's a bit of money involved, there's a bit of incentive." As with many other teenagers, Nick's computer and his webcam are in his bedroom.Responcibility to pay student loan debt can be divided, but where both spouses signed for the student loan, it is still enforceable against both spouses.

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The government's internet child protection agency has warned of an increasing number of teenagers being approached online to perform sex shows on webcams.

These cameras that film you at your desk often come built-in with new computers or you can buy them separately for under 10.