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They may be also used to measure other attributes, such as momentum, spin, and charge of the particles.

Different types of radiation detectors exist; gaseous ionization detectors, semiconductor detectors, and scintillation detectors are the most common.

Many shorter-half-life and therefore more intensely radioactive isotopes have not decayed out of the terrestrial environment because they are still being produced.

Examples of these are radium-226 (a decay product of uranium-238) and radon-222 (a decay product of radium-226).

Radon is a decay product of uranium, which is relatively common in the Earth’s crust but more concentrated in ore-bearing rocks scattered around the world.

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In some wealthier countries, such as the US and Japan, artificial exposure is, on average, greater than the natural exposure, due to greater access to medical imaging.

The major radionuclides of concern are potassium, uranium, and thorium and their decay products.