When to start dating after a separation

30-Dec-2019 10:11

“Among those women who have left their husbands, there is often a sense that the men never tried hard enough, that they expected to be looked after,” says Ms Bedell. A lot of women aged over 50 feel they have subsumed themselves in order to look after a family, to care for children who have fled the nest.Now, they feel, is the time to assert their identity, to please themselves and stop putting up with childish demands.” Liberation from oppressive men-folk may suit some women, but for many others divorce carries with it enormous hurt and vulnerability, stemming as it often can from male infidelity.“Far more women in their sixties are now single, and sometimes it isn’t their choice,” says Ms Altmann.“Most women would have been expecting their husband to provide a pension for them, for example, and suddenly he’s not there.As the young struggle to put a toe on the housing ladder, middle-class retired couples often occupy properties valuable enough to provide man and ex-wife with the means to ''start again’’.Added to that is the baby boomer’s sense of entitlement, the belief cultivated in the 1960s and 1970s that life is there to be enjoyed rather than endured.“Also, people simply no longer feel old at 60, and realise they have years of life ahead of them.

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In 2010, the most recent year for which figures are available, that rose to almost 14,600.

While only five per cent of the total, over-sixties divorce continues to rise, even as overall divorce rates decline to a level last seen in the 1970s.