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He currently plays Captain Thomas "Tommy" Gregson in the CBS television series Elementary.

Aidan Quinn (born March 8, 1959) is an Irish-American actor, who made his film debut in Reckless (1984).He received his first Emmy Award nomination for the role which allowed him to gain recognition in Hollywood.He made a short impressive contribution as Robert De Niro's brother in The Mission. on Global, you’ll appreciate the rugged sensibility he brings to the role of Captain Tommy Gregson, the man with the unenviable task of trying to keep Jonny Lee Miller’s modern Sherlock Holmes in line while Lucy Liu’s Dr. “At first it was because my dad couldn’t get any work and we had to go crash with relatives. “But then, as my father’s academic career took off, he kept taking us back there when he went on writing sabbaticals, to learn more about Yeats and Beckett.“I grew so fond of it, I spent a lot of my summers there and, after I left high school, I even moved back there for a short time.”What does Quinn love so much about Ireland?

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The show was just picked up for a full season, “which means they’re writing the scripts now as fast as they can and we sometimes get the opening pages of an episode the night before.”But as a veteran of series like “I was born in 1959 in Chicago, but we kept moving back and forth from Ireland,” he recalls, sitting in a comfortable suite at the Hazelton Hotel.“The humour, dark though it be, and what they call the craic, that wonderfully witty, poetic, gossipy, insightful conversation that keeps pouring out of everyone, regardless of age or education.”Quinn carries dual passports (U. and Ireland), but he admits that if you woke him up at 3 in the morning, he’d admit that he was American, first and foremost.