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The tabloid says the two met at a post-Oscars party, and though they're taking it slow, friends and family can It's been nearly 30 years today, since Ferris Bueller took the day off, but kids (and adults) everywhere still dream of ditching school (or work) with the same panache as our favorite class-cutter extraordinaire.

Unless you've been living under Celebrity couples and the staying power of their various relationships are hot topics of conversation in the celebrity gossip world.

'" Gregg was "thrilled" to be on the show, mostly because he was "finally objectified" onscreen." Gregg played Julia Louis-Dreyfus's ex-husband on the sitcom, "and I was a little starstruck, because I was such a huge Seinfeld fan." That didn't stop him from pranking her on set, though."There was one scene where Hamish Linklater and Julia slept inside my apartment waiting for me to come home, and of course, I had already come before they got there," he recalled. I wouldn’t say that [season 5] is like that, but to have it really bridge into more the sci-fi, cosmic part of the Marvel [Cinematic] Universe in ways that will be surprising to people, it’s really thrilling." ' Agents of SHIELD' season 5 premiers on ABC on Friday, December 1st.

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Gregg said, "I grew up watching those shows – Star Trek, those things.

"So I was supposed to walk out and wake them and they would be looking up my bathrobe." So to freak out his cast mates (or "get me into one of those sexual harassment seminars"), Gregg asked the props director to find "the world's most enormous, flaccid, artificial male genitalia," which dangled almost to the edge of his long robe.