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26-Mar-2020 19:28

Conrad Julius Coleby (born September 29th, 1979 in Sydney, Australia) is an Australian actor.The son of actor Robert Coleby and brother of actress Anja Coleby, Conrad attended Somerset College on the Gold Coast, graduating in 1996.At 30, Anja is eight years older than her brother and oozes glamour.Conrad, of course, has won an army of fans as ambulance officer Scott Zinenko on Ward 17 and been nominated in the category of Most Popular New Male Talent at the upcoming TV WEEK Logie Awards. In this week's episode of All Saints, Anja appears alongside Conrad as a model who has been badly beaten by her boyfriend. " laughs Anja, whose credits include roles in Breakers, Flipper, The Lost World, Beastmaster and the 1996 film Dating the Enemy."You don't know what to expect the next day, and that makes acting exciting.

It's sad that I won't get to see everybody every day.

In the past Coleby has dated Home and Away actor Esther Anderson. Coleby has played the love interest of Anderson`s character in Home and Away.

actor Conrad Coleby has revealed that it was not his decision to leave the series.

"It usually happened after an argument and Anja had shut herself in her room.

"I'd apologise and write a letter, and then she'd start talking to me again!

" "One time I didn't send a message back, and Conrad got so angry that he ran at the door and punched his whole fist through the glass! Another family game involved dressing up baby Conrad as a girl!