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She loves spinning and a large part of calory burning involves spinning.

Hurd explained that she prefers to build muscles and tries to improve her muscle form as well and further went on to her daily diet which heavily includes fruits and vegetables and excludes any kind of meat.

You want to go along in life and do all these things and adventures and have a great time, you need to respect your temple. She also confessed that her family shares her belief as well.

I do everything I can to ensure everything inside and outside is as healthy as possible. I did track and field for the Police Athletic League, then martial arts — first judo then karate. Her little sister is a dancer and a choreographer while her elder sister teaches combat choreography and acting.

She is married to ' Raising Hope' Garret Dillahunt and is a very privacy concern person.

Hurd is known to be a very private actor, keeping even the date of her marriage to fellow actor and husband Garret Dillahunt out of the press.

In an interview with Sun-sentinel.com, she talked about her history of workout and talked about how she pursuits her ideal health.

The actress spoke about her reason to stay healthy and fit saying, Because I have this concept that your body is your temple. I would probably go crazy if I didn't work out.

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