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Kelly, who was raised Catholic, says that rather than date, the couple chose to “court,” which included a mutual commitment to refrain from having sex until their wedding day.(They haven’t set a date.) Canfield was a music director at Hillsong’s campus in London and moved to New York City, in part, to help launch the congregation there.Hillsong Church’s campus in New York City draws more than 7,000 weekly worshippers.Photo courtesy of Jessicalsmyers via Flickr ( L)*Editors: Image is available to RNS subscribers, but not for resale.Sitting in a Manhattan diner, Canfield and Kelly use Christian language with ease and regularly inject Bible verses into conversation.Canfield was raised in a conservative pastor’s home, attended an evangelical college and served on staff as a music minister years ago.

Furthermore, he said, many churches have accepted a system that forces people to “hide their tensions, questions, and strongholds for fear of exclusion.” “People can’t get over the fact that we’re preaching the whole counsel of God and that people still want to listen to it, even in disagreement, because they know they are loved,” Lentz said.They are eligible to serve in some roles, but not others.Canfield and Kelly, for example, can sing in the choir, but would not be eligible to direct it.Lentz recognizes the obstacles he faces, but he said that won’t stop him from trying to find a way forward.

“(Hillsong’s) heart on this matter is to reach all people, even communities that present extreme complexities,” he said in an email.

Canfield and Kelly have decided to keep singing each Sunday at Hillsong, despite the restrictions.